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Buying Ethereum Shouldn’t Be So Hard

Finding the best place to buy your desired cryptocurrency can be harder than you would expect. There are numerous exchanges and products available from where you can buy ETH with USD, but they require long to sign up periods, show deposits, and high fees. Why can’t buying Ethereum be as simple as anything else you purchase online? Most of the people stayed away from digital currencies because at first glance Ethereum, Bitcoin and other altcoins are too technical to use and can be problematic to buy with Fiat money. But now it is very simple than you think.

Bitzuri makes buying Ethereum with USD not complicated anymore! Buy now

Our mission at Bitzuri is to make cryptocurrency use as simple as it should be. That’s why we are proudly presenting you with the easiest way to buy ETH with USD. From now on every Bitzuri user will be able to directly purchase his/her desired cryptocurrency quickly and easily with a bank transfer.

Buying Ethereum on Bitzuri with Bank Transfer- A Step-by-Step Guide:

1. Firstly, you need to create an account on Bitzuri as only registered users can buy sell digital currency on our platform.

2. Now, go to the Dashboard and select Login. Once you enter your username and password, you will get a device verification message on your Gmail. Just click on the allow button.

3. Bitzuri follows a 2 Factor Authentication to protect any kind of scam. So, when again you will go to log in you will get a Google authentication.

4. Enter the OTP and here you go on your account.

5. From the title bar, select Deposit > Select type of currency you want to deposit “FIAT”

6. You will be presented with the page containing the details needed to proceed with your bank transfer. Use payment details to make a money transfer title as you can see on your Bank Transfer Details page. Note, you can deposit with USD, EURO, and KES.

7. When your bank transfer will be recognized by our system you are allowed to BUY or Sell your desired cryptocurrency. You can select the Fiat and exchange it with other coins you are interested in (BTC, ETH, XRP, AUD, and BCH).

8. After you select the correct amount of USD to exchange, you may compare the rates and finish the deal by clicking “Buy Now”. Note, the trading fee will get automatically subtracted from the amount.

9. All done! Simple isn’t it? After a short while, you will receive the coin of your choice.

The time when you wondered how to buy Ethereum with Fiat currency is finally over. With Bitzuri’s exchange functionality, we bridge the gap between the Fiat world and the crypto world. So what is even more amazing that you can exchange your desired cryptocurrency to any supported Fiat currency on the fly.